Aircraft Hangars & Airport Buildings –  Design, Manufacture & Construction

Rizon Jet Hangar ConstructionHaving undertaken the design, manufacture and construction of aircraft hangars since 1919 “Reidsteel have probably built more full size airplane hangars than anyone else, worldwide”.

We are able to design and price hangars from Bombardier business jets to Airbus A380 Super-Jumbos or anything in between, as well as integrated workshops and offices, either inside the hangar footprint, or as a lean-to. We can include cranes, docking, walkways, ventilation, windows, vehicle doors and walkthrough doors as required. We are the ultimate MRO solution.

REIDsteel have our own patented Archspan structural system and we are able to offer a design and construction service for aircraft hangars in locations suffering extreme natural conditions, such as Arctic Snows, Hurricanes, Cyclones, Seismic tremors and Earthquakes built to British or Local Codes.

We believe we are the only structural steel company that makes hangar doors for our own private jets hangar however we also make hangar doors for existing hangars or for hangars to be constructed by another steel fabricator. Additionally, we can supply other types of door to our hangars, if required..

Make REIDsteel your first contact for your airport building and hangar design & manufacture.