Aircraft Hangar Selection – Sizes and Style


Aircraft hangars can be designed and built to virtually any specification, however size and intended use will have a strong influence over the  style of hangar best suited to the application. A small type 1 portal hangar up to 30m wide is ideal for small aircraft, but as wingspans, tail heights and occupancy increase, other hangar types will be more practical and cost effective.

archspan-illustrationNormal patented REIDsteel Archspan hangars will span up to 200m with no columns inside or in the doors. Cantilever hangars can be 1000m long with no columns. Cantilever hangars need substantial counterweight behind, best provided by multistory office and workshop of about 1/3 of the total hangar depth (but there can be nose slots into this workshop zone).

89 metre clear span hangar | Rizon | Biggin Hill Airport Kent UK | © REIDsteelSpine truss hangars may on occasion be economic where the span is wide (up to 150m) and the depth small (less than 1/3rd of the width). Columns inside the hangar or door give economies in the frame but are a severe restriction on flexibility in use.

It is better to use up apron length with hangar rather than door outriggers. For example if you have 100m of apron length, a full width hangar with an eight slab door will give you 73m clear opening left, right, or centrally.

This is much better for you than a 75m hangar which will still use up the 100m of apron with doors and outriggers. In the case where the door opening has to be full width and no outrigger space is available we recommend lifting fabric doors.

You should avoid roof slopes greater than 16 or 17° as they are too dangerous to walk up during construction and maintenance. You should avoid long shallow slopes less than 6° as leaks may occur and life may reduce. A varying roof slope, decreasing towards the ridge may be best. Steep roof slopes should have handrails.

Please remember no one has ever built a hangar and regretted making it too big!

Some of the more common Aircraft Hangar Types are detailed below but please do call us to ensure that you are considering the correct type of hangar for your particular application:

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