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hangar door drive

REIDsteel hangar doors are designed, made, fabricated and erected by our own structural, electrical and mechanical engineers. The hangar doors are the most used and therefore the most important part of an aircraft hangar.

In our standard design each door leaf has its own motor, independently driving the ground wheels via a reduction gearbox. Each leaf has a fail safe opening and closure system which is controlled by a handheld cable, so that the operator is well clear of the doors. Electromechanical brakes are applied automatically; if the operator should fall over or let go of the cable, the door would immediately stop.

The hangar doors are of steel framed bolted construction and clad in materials similar to the wall cladding of the hangar, single skin or insulated. The tracks are laser leveled. The vertical top rollers, two on each door, have sealed roller bearings and run between two full span steel guide rails. There is an enclosed conductor rail running the width of the door opening, and collection of electrical power is achieved by a four wheeled trolley with spring loaded power pick-ups on each door.


In the event of an electricity failure the doors can be declutched and pushed manually or towed, because the low friction sealed ball bearing system in the ground wheel hubs makes them easy to move.

As an alternative doors can open in “cascade style”, with only one door driven on each side, the others automatically opening and closing together at proportional speeds.

fabric mega door

We can also install a vertical lift Fabric (Mega) door in REIDsteel hangars. These can be useful where there is insufficient space for rolling doors.

Multileaf crossover aircraft hangar doors



Multi leaf doors with crossover – All the entrance can be opened, but not the full width at the same time
Multileaf crossover aircraft hangar doors

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Wide leaf hangar doors with crossover – All the entrance can be opened, but not the full width at the same time.

Wide leaf crossover hangar doors

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Outrigger doors (symetrical) – Used where the entire entrance width, or most of it needs to be open. Out riggers are needed each side.

Outrigger doors (with, or preferably without tailgate)

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Crossover doors (with centre tailgate) – A special and expensive case for crossover doors to jump the tailgate gap.

Crossover doors with tailgate

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Outrigger doors (one side only with centre tailgate) – Outrigger for entire entrance width opening. It is a special and expensive case to have a tailgate here.

One sided outrigger doors (with or preferably without tailgate)

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Vertical lift doors. An expensive solution, if no outriggers can be used and full width is needed.

Fabric Door / Mega Door

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Problems with getting your hangar doors and hangar from two different suppliers.

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