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Hardened Hangars / Military Hangars

REIDsteel Hardened HangarsREIDsteel defence structures include the design and construction of hardened hangars for defensive military or civilian roles. REIDsteel hardened hangars can be very rapidly built, by bolting together, and enclosed for weather protection. They can provide the anti spall interior, then rapidly hardened  with concrete.



A module of the steelwork base for the Hardened HangarREIDsteel can provide bolt on formwork to make hardening simple. REIDsteel hardened hangars can be provided with steel hangar doors or with steel formed doors, ready for concrete hardening. REIDsteel defence structures can be designed against a variety of threats: blast, projectile impact, overpressure, small arms fire etc. and provide electronic overload protection.

REIDsteel defence structures also include ready made Sangars, Observation Posts, Towers, Cover From View Screens, Rocket Fences, Mortar Fences, Gates, Crashout Road Flaps, Gatehouses, Embrasures. Doors and Gates, Ammunition, Explosives and POL Stores.

See also: Decoy Hangars

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Existing REIDsteel Military Hangars:


Military Hangars for Chilean Airforce and Navy
Military Hangar for British Royal Navy
Military Hangar for Nigerian Airforce


Hardened Hangars, Military Hangars, Aircraft Airplane Hangers, Defence Structures, Design and Construction by REIDsteel - Blast, impact protection

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